Cleveland Browns Commit to Popular Color Rush Uniforms For Entire Season

Stephen Douglas

The Cleveland Browns announced today that they were making a season-long commitment to their Color Rush jerseys, which debuted in 2016. The Browns will wear the simple brown and orange jerseys for six of their eight home games this season. They even had to petition the league to do so, which means they’ve already got a win this season. No wonder expectations are so high.

According to WKYC, the Browns will wear them for the following games:

Sept. 8 vs. Tennessee Titans
Sept. 22 vs. Los Angeles Rams
Oct. 13 vs. Seattle Seahawks
Nov. 14 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Dec. 8 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Dec. 22 vs. Baltimore Ravens

So congratulations to Nike. It took nearly a decade, but the Color Rush promotion finally paid off in something besides blog posts about looking away from your television.