5 Possible Cleveland Browns Coaching Candidates to Replace Freddie Kitchens

Stephen Douglas
Marvin Lewis talks to Johnny Manziel.
Marvin Lewis talks to Johnny Manziel. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns are again looking for a new head coach. Cleveland fired Freddie Kitchens after a 6-10 season that started with playoff hopes and ended with a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Here are five possible replacements for Kitchens.

Matt Rhule

Any team would be happy to land Rhule. The only question is whether an NFL team can lure him away from Baylor before he turns the Bears into the Big 12 team that gets destroyed in the college football playoff annually.

Mike McCarthy

If John Dorsey is still with the Browns when they pick a new head coach, he worked with McCarthy in Green Bay and if there is anything people in the NFL like doing its working with people they previously worked with. McCarthy worked with Aaron Rodgers and won a Super Bowl.

Urban Meyer

Meyer is already a pizza-eating Ohio football legend. He went 83-9 at Ohio State and won a championship. He wouldn't have the same recruiting advantage he had with the Buckeyes, but the most high-profile coach the Browns have had since... Paul Brown.

Robert Saleh

Odds are, some coordinator is going to get this job and Robert Saleh just seems like the kind of guy who would come into Cleveland, raise expectations with stories about the new culture and then go 3-13.

Marvin Lewis

Lewis is easily the funniest candidate. Lewis spent 16 years in the Browns' division, coaching the Cincinnati Bengals to the playoffs seven times and never winning a single playoff game. Under Lewis the Browns could go from mediocre to perennially mediocre.