Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109

Kyle Koster
1997 The Cast from the show "Seinfeld"
1997 The Cast from the show "Seinfeld" / Getty Images/Getty Images

Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109 may be not meaningful for you, but for so many of us it meant both everything and nothing at all. It was either the most high-minded, brilliant thought in human history or the sleepy scrawl of a comedian skeptical of all holistic healers.

Ever since the score was used as a laugh line in an episode of Seinfeld titled The Heart Attack, originally airing April 25, 1991, the NBA final has been a white whale, haunting those who wanted nothing more for than life to imitate art.

And finally, after all these years, we've realized nirvana.

That's right, the final score of the Cavaliers-Spurs game on Thursday night? Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109. Destiny fulfilled.

Where do we go from here? I really don't know and, you know what? I'm okay admitting that. It's a brave new world. There was the time before the episode, which makes up most of recorded history. There was the time after it when the score was desperate to be realized. And now, today, the first day of the third and final era: Post-117 to 109.

I'd like to think some sort of balance has been restored in the cosmos after all this time. This episode is at peace now. The great adventure continues though, with plenty of other sports-centric elements from the series looking for satisfaction.

Will the New York Giants ever hire a coach named Ron Rifkin? Can Paul O'Neill catch a fly ball in his cap? Will Major League Baseball flirt with cotton uniforms?

There's plenty to live for after all.