VIDEO: Punches Thrown in Clemson-Louisville Fight

Liam McKeone

Clemson has been on a bit of a warpath since they nearly lost to unranked UNC in the final seconds of their Week 6 matchup. They beat Florida State by 30 last week, and are in the midst of a beatdown of fellow unranked squad Louisville. At least, they were, until a fight broke out and punches were thrown.

Now that's a real fight there. It's not like last week's extracurriculars between Oklahoma and Texas, where a lot of pushing and shoving led to penalties on every player for both teams. As noted in Kevin Boilard's tweet, the main offender, Clemson's Andrew Booth Jr., was ejected.

If Dabo Swinney couldn't handle his kicker missing a field goal last week, I can't imagine he's pleased about a player letting his emotions get the better of him in such a manner.