Clemson's Brevin Galloway From Hospital Bed: 'My Balls Exploded'

Kyle Koster

Brevin Galloway is a senior guard for the Clemson Tigers, who are having a very good year and could win the ACC regular season championship for the first time since 1990. He is also only a man and therefore prone to man-pain things. Galloway had a hell of a day on Thursday, as he explained on Instagram in far more detail than the official injury report will provide. Medically speaking, his balls and his ball bag exploded.

First and foremost, it's great that's the situation has been rectified. Truly a nightmare sequence of words for any dude. But who sat there next to Galloway and watched him post this online without speaking up? Because he'll forever be known for this one thing and this one thing only. It's not right of fair but when you throw up a groggy video talking about your testes with such efficient storytelling, it's going to stick in people's minds.

Clemson coach Brad Brownell has expansive thoughts on the situation, which he shared with Jeff Goodman.

We can't wait for a return to the court. Specifically an opponent's court and the free-throw line. Because the chants are going to be outstanding.