Classy Jim Boeheim Takes a Bizarre Shot at Danny Green of the Spurs

By Jason McIntyre

Green, a journeyman from UNC who was cut by Cleveland and played in the NBDL and overseas, returned to earth in the last two games, making just 2-of-11 from deep, but despite his struggles, the Spurs were in position to win Games 6 and 7.

So why did Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim say this about Green in the Post-Standard?

"“It was a great series,” Boeheim said on Friday. “Really, those last two games were unbelievable games. I don’t think they could be any better than that. It was great for basketball. “Part of you wants the Spurs to win because they have such a great organization,” he said. “They do it the right way. They did everything they could to win. But in the end, Danny Green proved why he’s been in and out of the league all the time.”"

The Spurs losing Game 6 had zero to do with Danny Green. Ditto Game 7. I haven’t heard one intelligent basketball mind come close to pinning either loss on him. By saying, “but in the end …” isn’t that what Boeheim is trying to insinuate? [If your answer to that is no, cease reading this post.]

Among the things Boeheim should have said after, “but in the end …” for Games 6 & 7:

* … If Tim Duncan is on the floor and gets a rebound on the LeBron miss, the Spurs are Champs!
* … If Chris Bosh doesn’t collect that offensive rebound, the Spurs are Champs!
* … If Ray Allen doesn’t hit that miracle 3-pointer to force overtime, the Spurs are Champs!
* … If Tim Duncan’s baby hook shot goes in, who knows what happens in overtime!

Did Green – who is from New York – snub Boeheim when he was recruiting him back in the day? I’m puzzled.

I know Boeheim has won a National Title and been an assistant coach for Team USA during the Olympics, but this stupidity rivals some really dumb NBA commentary he made after the Knicks were eliminated by the Pacers.

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