Clarifying My Position on Very Serious Football Men Getting Out of Their Cars and Going to Work

Kyle Koster

Just the other day, both the New York Giants and Chicago Bears blasted out social media showing their new general managers arriving at work for their first day.

We asked if these intentionally ironic. Because who is the target audience? Sure, there is a market for blue-collar work porn. Sports are incredibly persistent at trying to capitalize on it. The posting will continue until morale improves even if each organization moves on to the next person. This morning, a cousin of the genre — head coach getting out of the car and walking to work — appeared courtesy of those same Giants and Brian Daboll.

Such footage inspired CBS Sports senior NFL writer Will Brinson to put it against the backdrop of classic midday television. It is simply magnificent work.

So allow me to clarify my previous position. It is now my earnest belief that each and every arrival and departure from a team facility should be cataloged, made cool, and shared online. It would mean endless opportunities for memes and mashups and all the other incredible comedic work being done in the Internet. Got a bit of a taste here and might be hooked.

A rising tides lifts all boat and the market is ripe for an overload of source material.