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CJ Gardner-Johnson Took a Cheap Shot and Punched Leonard Fournette in the Back

Stephen Douglas
CJ Gardner-Johnson
CJ Gardner-Johnson / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With the New Orleans Saints beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers twice during the regular season, it didn't take long for things to get chippy on the field during the divisional round. However, things seemed to escalate near the end of the first half. Tom Brady went after a Saints defender. And then there was CJ Gardner-Johnson.

He will likely saying he was trying to punch the ball out, but that was a straight up punch to Fournette's body in a crowd. As Dustin Colquitt points out, it looked like a straight kidney shot.

Gardner-Johnson has been fined multiple times this season, including just this week after he baited the Bears Anthony Miller into throwing a punch during their Wild Card game. So, this is apparently his thing. He also went after Mike Evans.

Gardner-Johnson should be expecting another call from the league this week.