Citi Field Really Does Have a Raccoon Problem

The Mets observe a raccoon at Citi Field.
The Mets observe a raccoon at Citi Field. /

There is a raccoon at Citi Field. The raccoon was seen near the New York Mets bullpen on Sunday afternoon. Most pitchers stood a safe distance from the animal while Carlos Carrasco and Aaron Loup tried to help security wrangle the wild animal.

This actually ends a months-long debate in the Mets' corner of the Internet as Fransisco Lindor relayed a story of encountering what he thought was a "New York rat" in the bowels of Citi Field back in May.

So while some New York City rats may be the size of a raccoon, in this case, it probably was a raccoon. Presumably the same one, but how knows. What we do know is that this kind of thing would never happen at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey where hundreds of feral cats may or may not be in charge behind the scenes.