Something Is On Fire at Citi Field During a Mets Game

A fire outside Citi Field during a Mets-Braves game.
A fire outside Citi Field during a Mets-Braves game. /

The New York Mets haven't been great this year but this kind of symbolism is a bit heavy-handed. During their game with the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, something was on fire just outside Citi Field and the smoke drifted on to the field of play.

Check this out:

And a still:

Personally, my favorite reaction is below:

You can always get a laugh out of me with a papal conclave joke.

The Mets entered Sunday with a 24-28 record, but I wouldn't exactly call them a dumpster fire. I wish I could because this would be a lot funnier. If Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had won bidding to be the new owners, then this would have been perfect.

The Mets wound up losing the game to the Braves 7-0 as the team's offense and bullpen were a disaster. New York's playoff dreams are likely done for good, wasting yet another brilliant year from ace Jacob deGrom.