Cincinnati Bearcats Baseball Players Start Petition to Rename Marge Schott Stadium

Marge Schott
Marge Schott / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

The University of Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team has played in Marge Schott Stadium since 2004. The stadium was named after the former Cincinnati Reds owner because of a $2 million gift she left for the University when she died. The time has come to change the stadium's name and a Bearcats baseball player has started a petition that will hopefully get that ball rolling. Via

"Marge Schott Stadium is represented by players of all races, religious backgrounds, and ethnicities, and plays host to middle and high school baseball teams as well. The field is getting national attention every year and to promote somebody so racist is not only irresponsible, but it is also directly contradictory to the University's mission statement which says that the goal of the University is " foster a community that prioritizes inclusion, transformational personal development, civic participation, and global responsibility.""

The petition was started by outfielder Jordan Ramey. It already has more than 3,000 signatures - enough to fill the stadium.

Schott was banned from Major League Baseball in 1996 after multiple racist incidents. She finally sold her controlling interest in the team in 1999. Now is the perfect time for the University of Cincinnati to make the move.