Cian Fahey Out at ESPN After 'Ignorant' Behavior at Bar

Ryan Glasspiegel

Cian Fahey, who had an NFL podcast for ESPN and was also a regular guest on Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones’ radio shows, announced on Twitter today that he resigned from the company and provided the following statement:

So let me explain what [Le Batard Show producer] Mike [Ryan] referred to on Radio today. The short story is “I fucked up.” The longer story is “I definitely fucked up.” But for transparency. I drank too much at a bar and treated American strangers like I would my Irish friends. They, rightfully, received that in a way it wasn’t intended. I was ignorant.

I immediately offered to resign. Letting the people involved down is the worst part of this. I love everyone there. Every single one of them stands for what’s right in the world and I applaud them for calling me out when I was wrong. I’ll learn from this but for now I deserve all the criticism that comes my way.

We have reached out to ESPN for comment. If you know any more specifics about what happened, please reach out.