Chuck Schumer Cried So Hard During 'Free Willy' His Daughters Left the Theater

Senate Continues Work On COVID-19 Relief Bill
Senate Continues Work On COVID-19 Relief Bill / Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The New York Times published a story about Senate majority leader Charles Schumer today. In an attempt to paint the most complete picture possible of Schumer, they included these two incredible lines back-to-back. Via the New York Times:

"He once cried so hard at the movie “Free Willy” that his daughters left the theater out of embarrassment. He can also be a bit of a ham. His staff has imposed some rules for him when appearing in public: “No singing. No dancing. No hats.”"

Chuck Schumer is like an onion with many layers. An onion that must be told not to wear a hat in public, which seems unfair, but an onion nonetheless.

As for "Free Willy," it appears to be available on HBO Max, so if Republicans really want to slow things down in the Senate they should use their time to see if this lovable whale still gets to him.

OK, maybe they shouldn't do that. We've been through enough.