All Interviews Should Be Conducted By Construction Workers Atop the Chrysler Building

It doesn't feel like going out on a limb to say everyone has a few of those social media accounts they follow for random bits of nostalgia or history or whatever and they deliver at an above-average rate. For instance, one minute you're simply enjoying a sleepy Monday mid-day and the next you're watching construction workers atop the Chrysler Building in pre-Depression New York City in colorized magic.

It truly is quite a time to be alive. Since the dawn of mankind, humans have had to work exceedingly hard to acquire information on timetables they had no control over. Now it just bombards and overwhelms, which creates its own set of problems but is still a great blessing if properly harnessed.

Anyway, here are some men at work. The second portion, where an ironworker and electrician ask each other questions about the project while marveling at what's above and what's below, should be the template for all podcasts or television interviews going forward.

I have to think that, if they wanted to, a content-creation company could create a real unique vibe hanging 80-plus stories over Midtown. Seems like that would really get the creative juices flowing and aid in the search for real, primal truth, which is always clearest when life is flashing across one's eyes.