This Is the Only Christmas Song Playlist You Will Ever Need

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey / Mat Hayward/Getty Images

December has arrived. Christmas is coming. Santa is on his way. The goose is getting fat. The children are home alone. We can finally listen to Christmas music without being shamed by the people who insist that the holiday season doesn't begin at 12:01 on November 1st.

Below I have put together a playlist of 27 Christmas songs. Some are staples. Some are contemporary classics. Some are fun covers. Some are from classic movies. One is DMX and another is arguably one of the best songs ever recorded with or without its connection to Christmas. Argue which is which over your holiday zoom.

Unfortunately, there were a few very important holiday favorites that I couldn't find on Spotify. Christmas Infiltration and Baby Boomer Santa by Troy and Abed (feat. Pierce). And somehow Christmas is All Around Me by Billy Mack from Love Actually wasn't available. (Might as well mention how weird it is that Sirius labels the song as "Love Actually.")

Neither is Simple Plan's "My Christmas List," which was recorded so long ago there's a PS2 reference.

Without further delay, here is the playlist.

Happy holidays!