Christian Yelich Hit One of the Cheapest Inside-the-Park Homers

Kyle Koster
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Christian Yelich, perhaps the best player in all of baseball, has been a trainwreck this season. He entered Thursday night's game against the Chicago White Sox 3-for-36 on the year, which is only slightly better than you'd do against Major League pitching. The journey of a thousand miles, though, begins with a 360-foot sprint and Yelich may have gotten the lucky break he needed to turn things around when he lifted a lazy fly ball down the left field line. Sox left fielder Eloy Jimenez showed no real urgency in trying to catch it.

By the letter of the law, awarding Yelich a homer here is the correct scoring decision. As a matter of pride, we may all be better off if it were a four-base error.

Again, Yelich is really scuffling so he'll take it. But it does remind me of rushing home to update my AIM profile with my increasing batting average in high school after collecting three hits on two bloopers over second and a groundball the third baseman bobbled but Eric, who was on the bench doing book, wasn't really paying attention and marked it as a single.