Christian Yelich Erupts After Dubious Call, Earns His Ejection

Christian Yelich loses it, gets ejected.
Christian Yelich loses it, gets ejected. / Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Christian Yelich led off the bottom of the sixth with his Milwaukee Brewers trailing the Cincinnati Reds, 3-1. He cleverly dropped a surprise bunt down and easily beat the errant throw to first. As the ball bounded away and calculations were quickly made about trying to advance for second, it was clear he had some mixed thoughts. The Reds noticed an ever-so-slight veer toward the diamond and applied a tag, and then were pleasantly surprised when first base umpire John Libka ruled Yelich out.

As one would suspect, Yelich didn't much care for that. What followed was a torrent of four-letter words and plenty of disbelief.

The frustration is understandable. A very specific simulation could run this play 100 times and 99 percent of attempts would yield a runner safely standing on first base when the dust settled. This happened to be the one exception.

By the letter of the law, and this is probably unpopular, Libka has a defense. In his eyes that was enough of an attempt. A real strict Constitutionalist over there in blue.

Good on Yelich for not keeping his emotions bottled up. Way healthier to let them out in real-time.