Christian Wood Dropped Draymond Green With a Crossover and Draymond Could Only Laugh

Draymond Green got crossed by Christian Wood.
Draymond Green got crossed by Christian Wood. /

The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, 108-94. Draymond Green had a 16-point, 12-rebound, 10-assist triple-double, but he also got crossed over so badly by Christian Wood that he's sure to become a meme.

By the time Green and Wood got back to the other end, Green was smiling, knowing what was in his future. Of course, not everyone found it amusing. The Warriors broadcasters simply blamed it on a slip.

After the game, Green was asked about Wood and immediately accused the reporter of only asking because he got dropped.

Now, if anyone needs a suggestion, Draymond would probably look good in a Shooting Star meme. Not that anyone asked.

It's only fair a Warriors player is the subject of this type of video and we have to be nice to Steph right now because he's in pain.