Christian Vazquez Looks Gutted As He Learned Red Sox Traded Him to Astros

Ryan Phillips
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Boston Red Sox
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Christian Vazquez was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Houston Astros on Monday and didn't seem thrilled with the outcome. The 31-year-old catcher warmed up and took batting practice with the Red Sox, then was traded across the field to the Astros as the two teams were a little more than an hour from facing each other. The assembled press immediately talked to Vazquez and he didn't look happy.

Vazquez was asked by reporters if he'd been traded and he responded with, "I think so, yeah." Then when asked how it felt, he said, "It's a business" an a somber tone. Video is below.

He was quickly yanked away from the reporters by Red Sox PR.

Here's more footage:

Frankly, the reporters probably should have given Vazquez a minute to collect himself before asking him questions. This shot isn't a great look:

The MLB trade deadline can be cruel.

Vazquez wasn't in the lineup for the Astros Monday night, but he should be a boost to their offense. So far this season he's hitting .282 with eight home runs, 42 RBI and an OPS of .759.