Christian Laettner Didn't Appreciate Being Called a "Bitch and [Bleep]" by the Fab 5

By Jason McIntyre

Christian Laettner is going through the ESPN car wash this week, appearing on every TV or radio program possible during Championship week. The most common question:

Why did people hate you? Why did the Fab 5 hate you so much? Here’s Laettner on the Van Pelt/Russillo show on ESPN radio today:

“I was disappointed in that. That’s not what life is about … maybe someone told Jalen we want to make a provocative movie … And start saying Laettner is a bitch and Laettner is a pussy … I don’t appreciate it.

It’s something I’ll never do. People criticize me for being tough on my teammates, but no one criticizes people who make a movie and call other people bitches and pussies. Who can’t do that? Anyone can do that.”

Christian Laettner, whatever you want to call him, is one of the 10 greatest college basketball players of all-time. There’s little/no debate that Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) is No. 1 for his glorious run at UCLA but after that you could throw a lot of names at the wall – Bill Walton (UCLA), Ralph Sampson (Virginia), Patrick Ewing (Georgetown), Tyler Hansbrough (UNC), JJ Redick (Duke), Danny Manning (Kansas), Pete Maravich (LSU) – but Laettner has to be in there.

Laettner played in 23 NCAA tourney games in four years. He started four Final Fours. Nobody’s ever done that.

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