Roundup: Chrissy Teigen Blocks Idiots; Brad Parscale Demoted; Metallica Returns to S&M

Stephen Douglas
Brad Parscale and a fan.
Brad Parscale and a fan. / Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Brad Parscale has been demoted ... but something tells me he will be OK ... Chrissy Teigen is blocking and deleting ... Republican senator Brian Kemp has banned Georgia cities from imposing mask orders ... meanwhile, Walmart is going to start requiring customers wear masks ... Kevin Conley accused of sexual assault from 2005 ... Jon Hamm as 'Fletch' ... Kellyanne Conway and George Conway have forced their popular daughter, Claudia, off social media ... Andy King from the Fyre Fest doc has found love ... is Britney alright?

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Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony are releasing S&M 2. I told you they needed their own Sirius channel.

When I was in college, this band was absolutely the greatest thing I ever experienced live. The content may not hold up, but the world should have been exposed to The Mathematicians.