Chris Webber's Home Gym Is Rustic and Beautiful

Kyle Koster

Chris Webber hopped on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to tell stories about Michael Jordan or something but it was extremely hard to pay attention to the content of his segment because dudes everywhere were understandably distracted by his home gym. Look at this space. It's magnificent!

Webber's gym is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. There's a warmth to it. A beautiful simplicity. Somehow it feels simultaneously modern and retro.

Now, a regular person would have some trepidation about what appears to be priceless pieces of memorabilia hanging on the walls. But Webber probably doesn't miss many shots and does not fear accidentally knocking them to the floor. Or perhaps he really doesn't use it much.

If circumstances change and I ever become financially solvent, I would very much like to know who designed this bonus room because I would very much like one of my own.