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Chris Simms Gave NBC Super Bowl Pregame Viewers a Beautiful New Version of 'The Next Episode'

Stephen Douglas
Annual NFL League Meeting
Annual NFL League Meeting / Mark Brown/GettyImages

The Super Bowl pregame show on NBC lasted approximately 100 hours and featured at least that many guests. As the game got closer NBC ran a Maria Taylor interview with halftime performers Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige. After the segment, the Football Night in America crew was asked to name the song they most wanted to hear during the performance. Chris Simms revealed his pick with some flair, saying, "I gotta hear a little la di dah di dah."

Simms' co-workers looked as delighted to see and hear this live as people did watching on television. Hopefully, "Chris Simms sings rap songs" becomes a regular part of Sunday Night Football going forward.

One thing is for certain, Simms still has love for the streets.