Chris Simms Really Went All Out Comparing Dogs to Football Players

Stephen Douglas

Chris Simms Unbuttoned is a web-based program wherein the titular host talks about football. In the latest episode, Simms was joined by Ahmed Fareed to compare dogs to football players. Why? Because in addition to airing the Thanksgiving night game, NBC will be showing the National Dog Show tomorrow at noon.

It's quite the video. It seems that Simms wasn't even consulted on the pun with which the segment was titled. Simms and Fareed are both dog owners, but both joke about not liking their dogs and genuinely seem unimpressed with dogs in general. This is the equivalent of an ESPN personality schilling Disney+ by saying they'd seen the Star Wars movies, but they just weren't for them.

What this video ultimately proves is that all dogs either look like Rob Ryan or Ezekiel Elliott based on the shape of their hair. Unless the dog isn't smiling. Then it's a Bill Belichick. You can't argue with the facts.