Chris Simms Dunks on the Haters

Brian Giuffra
Chris Simms.
Chris Simms. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Chris Simms came out with a controversial ranking of quarterback prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft, most prominently featuring Zach Wilson ahead of Trevor Lawrence and Kellen Mond ahead of Justin Fields and Trey Lance. Twitter lost its collective mind and people from all over the country told Simms he was, among other things, an idiot.

We at The Big Lead did not follow the trend of immediately calling Simms dumb and did our research, which proved Simms has a track record of successful quarterback evaluation. We wrote that no matter how much you hate his 2021 rankings, Simms deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Today, Simms echoed that sentiment in a succinct video showcasing his quarterback evaluation prowess. This one was for the haters.

You can't debate facts. Simms rankings had Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen over Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold, a viewpoint which wasn't widely shared and thus far has proved to be prophetic. He also lauded Patrick Mahomes as the best prospect in the 2017 draft, another feather in his cap. So whether you think his latest rankings are crazy or not, he has proven good at this in the past and might prove omniscient again. Or maybe he'll be woefully wrong in 2021 and everyone will rip him again. Either way it makes for good banter.