Chris Russo Tells Extremely Concerned Caller He'll Never Retire

Kyle Koster
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Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - March 10, 2020 / Noam Galai/Getty Images

Chris Russo has a Lou Gehrig-like streak of never phoning in a show and to this day remains one of the most passionate voices in sports media. If you close your eyes, it's tough to imagine him retiring to pursue other interests He seems like a guy who would continue to give rapid-fire takes 11 hours a day to whomever was in his area -- microphone or no microphone.

Such a day does not exist over a near horizon based on comments Mad Dog made on his show yesterday.

"I'm never going to retire because I'll be bored stiff," Russo told an unusually concerned caller who proceeded to suggest a strong correlation between hanging up the old work badge and immediate death.

"I have a lot of my buddies who haven't worked in a while, they're driving themselves crazy," Russo continued, addressing the mental challenge so many people are facing right now. "There's only so much golf and tennis and so much running and working out -- all that nonsense -- that you can do. Eventually you need to go back to work."

Russo also misses the energy of New York City even if it's a longer commute than the eight-second one he currently faces each day.

On one hand it will be great to have another two decades of unleashed Mad Dog in our lives. Hearing him rant about the all-AI NBA in 2038 will be fantastic. On the other, it's becoming increasingly lucky that the younger generations won't have much choice in not retiring, what with the long tail of this still-spiraling financial crisis promising to destroy even the most prudent of working-class financial planners.