Chris Russo Spent 5 Minutes Ranting on Michael Pineda and the Yankees, Seemingly Without Taking a Breath

By Tim Ryan

Chris Russo, the man who spent 19 years sitting next to affable sports media overlord, Mike Francesa, might want to consider switching to decaf or highly effective painkillers. One would assume that after filming these segments, Mad Dog collapses into a giant bean bag shaped like a baseball glove until he’s alerted of the next shocking absurdity to occur in the baseball world. That or he’s shipped off to Newark to land planes with his hands.

So why should you even consider watching this segment? Well, he goes off on the Yankees for one thing. But mostly to witness the unsettling energy and to hear him say “masseuses” at the 39-second mark:

“I mean they got MO-sseuses for everybody on the team, you got personal trainers and doctors and the whole nine yards, and they don’t have a conversation with Pineda when he got nailed …”

No one, and I mean no one, gets their point across through the aid of jazz hands quite like Chris Russo.


And yes, while there will be fewer Mike Francesa videos posted to YouTube, we still have this wonderful display of artistry:

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