Chris Russo Rips Bryce Harper, Other 'Underperforming' Players for Tweeting About Wanting to Play Baseball

Kyle Koster

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo found a bone to chew on and really went after it. He's sick and tired of Major League Baseball players who didn't have a good season last year tweeting about how they are ready to play baseball this year. If you didn't live up to expectations, it's time to shut the hell up! Why would you even want to get back on the field and try to do better anyway?

Loud-ass noises!

Say what you want about Russo but the man knows how to create exceptional radio. It's with that confidence that he's able to bring his own job performance into the discussion because, damn, he does crush it on the airwaves. You may just not like what "it" has become.

It's really jarring to hear someone deliver this take earnestly after listening to Stugotz do an impression of this for years as laugh lines. One is waiting for the seams to show and there to be a crack as the gambit is given away. But no. This is straight-from-the-heart stuff.

We can all appreciate where he's coming from because when people are given the power to have a platform, they're often going to say things you vehemently disagree with. One example comes readily to mind.

UPDATE: To the surprise of absolutely no one, Russo doubled down today.