Chris Russo is Big Mad at Joe Kelly For Going After the Houston Astros

Ryan Phillips
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo /

Chris Russo seems to be the only person in America furious with Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly today. The veteran broadcaster ripped Kelly for throwing at Houston Astros stars Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa and for his antics as he left the mound after striking out the latter. Kelly's mugging and yelling at Correa led to a benches-clearing incident.

Check out "Mad Dog" getting worked up about the whole thing:

I can agree that maybe Kelly isn't the guy who should have sent this message. He wasn't on the 2017 Dodgers team that faced the cheating Astros in the World Series. It's worth noting Kelly was on the Boston Red Sox squad that won a World Series while also using technology to steal signs. So he really doesn't have any place to get mad and act out against the Astros. Dude, that championship ring you've got was earned the same way.

But Russo's final point about the Dodgers not reacting at all was silly. Of course they were going to retaliate. They lost a World Series to a team we now know cheated to win. They're going to go after Houston's players. That's the way things work in baseball. And if you cheat, this is what you open yourself up to.

MLB agrees with Russo's take though. They suspended Kelly for eight games on Wednesday and added a one-game suspension for manager Dave Roberts.