Chris Russo and Peter King Yelled at Each Other About Tom Brady

Ryan Glasspiegel

Peter King apparently heard Chris Russo bashing him on his show, and called in to defend himself on the matter. King has been talking about flaws in the Ted Wells Report’s characterization of the Ideal Gas Law, and saying that the NFL has not proven to his satisfaction that Tom Brady cheated. Russo, who did not read the Ted Wells report, has nevertheless been yelling about Brady non-stop since it was released.

Russo asked King about all the circumstantial evidence — i.e. why did McNally call himself the Deflator and take the footballs into the bathroom? — and accused him of needing access to Brady and the Patriots to do his job. For his part, King kept saying it was irresponsible for Russo to not have read the report, of which he also kept harping on its real flaws. (King came across as more gracious in this conversation.)

Overall, an enjoyable five minutes if you’re a fan of this type of discourse. [H/T Traina]