Timberwolves Announcers Didn't Forget Chris Paul's Untucked Jersey Shenanigans

Chris Paul
Chris Paul / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Last December, Chris Paul did a very Chris Paul thing while a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Paul's team was down two against the Minnesota Timberwolves with one second to go. Jordan Bell checked into the game for the Wolves with his jersey untucked. Paul animatedly pointed that out to the referees, who called a delay of game on Bell and awarded OKC a technical free throw that allowed the Thunder to eventually tie the game and then win in overtime.

It was so Chris Paul it hurts. A minor rule that is never called put into action because he yelled about it to a referee, and it ended up being the difference between a win and a loss. Some real "You forgot to collect the homework" teacher's pet energy. For most of the people watching, it was hilarious. Of course Paul would do that, and of course it would turn the tide of the game at large.

Two people who didn't find it funny were Timberwolves announcers Dave Bens and Jim Peterson. The Wolves went up against Paul again last night, now a member of the Phoenix Suns. Paul and the Suns gave the league-worst Timberwolves the business and won the night handily. That didn't stop Minnesota's announcers from pointing out that Paul had his jersey all the way untucked in the fourth quarter and grousing over the irony of it all.

I love the petty energy. The Wolves are getting stomped for the hundredth time this season and this is what the broadcasters are talking about. Admirable stuff.