Chris Paul Hit Patrick Beverley With a Cheap Shot That Looked A Lot Like the Julius Hodge Nut Punch

Stephen Douglas
Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls
Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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The Phoenix Suns beat the Chicago Bulls on Friday night, 125-104. The game featured a near-flawless performance from Kevin Durant who scored 20 points on 10 field goal attempts to go with nine rebounds and six assists, and also Chris Paul tried to punch Patrick Beverley in the balls.

Look familiar? That pretty clearly looks like CP3 getting super frustrated with PatBev's over-the-top physical defense to the point where he took an over-the-top shot at his midsection. Based on Beverley's reaction he must have hit him a bit high and missed his mark, but yeah, that's vintage CP3.