Chris Paul is Magic, Ben Simmons is the Weirdest Player Ever, and The Self-Inflicted Instant Replay Problem

Kyle Koster
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Last night's Phoenix Suns-Los Angeles Clippers game was an instant classic, capped by DeAndre Ayton's last-second dunk. It also took 32 minutes to play the final 90 seconds thanks to several unsatisfying instant replay reviews. If only someone had warned us that this is what would happen — that replay would ruin all sports. On that and why it's probably too late to fix it now.

Plus, Ben Simmons is arguably the weirdest NBA player of the century, even before he writes his next chapter, which can go in any direction. How the hell did the Anti-Three Point Guy become one of the faces of a Three-Point League?

And finally, why anyone sick of hearing about Chris Paul best get used to it.