Chris Mortensen's Mentions Are On Fire After He Tweeted 69 NFL Players Opted Out of the 2020 Season


Chris Mortensen's job is to report NFL news for ESPN. The latest report by Mort was a final tally of the number of players who opted out of the 2020 NFL season because of coronavirus concerns by the Thursday deadline. That number was 69. If Mort has not muted his replies yet, he's a mad man.

In the two-plus hours since he has tweeted this, more than 2,000 people have responded with either the word "nice" or a gif where someone says "nice." About 3,000 people have quote tweeted him doing the same. Even with 2.2 million followers, this seems to be an incredible amount of interaction for one of Mort's tweets.

Let this be a lesson to all media members. Never tweet the number 69 unless you want your phone to melt. If you have to report 69 of something, please just say "nearly" or "almost" seventy. For your own sake. Otherwise, your mentions will be flooded and you could miss a reply from Adam Scheft.