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Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Accurately Ranks Top American Sports Cities

Kyle Koster

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo has been lightning in a bottle for First Take as his unique brand of remembering some players who played before color television has proven highly lucrative and entertaining. You never know what these two frenemies are going to get themselves into at the behest of a genius producer. Today it was Russo unveiling his list of best sports fanbases by city, which is something a sports radio host pulls out in mid-June when the calendar starts to get a bit sparse. And it did not disappoint.

Finally, and I do mean finally, someone gave the Rust Belt the respect we deserve. Yeah, all of our teams have sucked forever and will always suck but, dammit, we're going to support them until we freeze to death.

Honestly, it's a good list. It'd be harder to come up with a better list. And yet they probably will next Wednesday.

Stuff like this is a helpful reminder that there are always evergreen ideas in the banana stand and a well can never be visited too often. Not with Smith and Russo of course. You let them talk about pretty much anything and it's going to be great and elicit strong reactions.