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Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Gives Sitcom Mount Rushmore on 'First Take'

Liam McKeone

Today is Mad Dog day over at the First Take set. With no Stephen A. Smith, the option of just letting him and Chris Russo yell at each other is off the table, so creativity was required to fill the two-hour block. That's how we found ourselves watching Mad Dog break down his Mount Rushmore of sitcoms on ESPN on a Wednesday morning.

What a world we live in. Domonique Foxworth's world-weary sigh at the very end of the video encapsulates what it's like to debate Mad Dog about anything. And the longtime radio host's passion for I Love Lucy seems surprising at first but then you think about when it aired and it makes a lot more sense. Nobody loves stuff from the '50s like Mad Dog does.

A tremendous day for ESPN programming.