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Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Joins 'First Take' to Yell About Barry Bonds With Stephen A. Smith

Liam McKeone
Stephen A. Smith and Chris Russo
Stephen A. Smith and Chris Russo /

Whoever is in charge of booking talent for ESPN's daily studio shows has earned themselves a personal day because Wednesday's edition of First Take was greatly buoyed by the presence of guest Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. Russo, who usually hosts Mad Dog Radio over at SiriusXM, took to the visual medium today in order to debate Stephen A. Smith on last night's baseball Hall of Fame nominations and specifically Barry Bonds' place in history.

Russo is a big-time San Francisco Giants fan who does not think Bonds should be rewarded for cheating his way into the record books. Stephen A. thinks history is history no matter what and it is a tragedy Bonds will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The two went at it for a good six or so minutes and it was... loud. Very loud!

As spirited as expected, and Russo was great as Smith's foil. They are similar debaters but with vastly different styles. The one constant remained Molly Querim Rose, looking back and forth alternating between bemusement and laughter.

Hopefully this will lead to more Mad Dog on First Take days. He may very well be the only man on earth who can out-shout Stephen A. Smith.