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Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Fumbles Ear Piece on 'First Take,' Doesn't Stop Screaming

Liam McKeone
Stephen A. Smith and Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo
Stephen A. Smith and Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo /

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's experimental appearance on First Take back in January has led to great success on ESPN's flagship debate show. The legendary radio host agreed to return on a weekly basis to battle Stephen A. Smith. That officially begins today, as Russo entered into the arena to argue with Stephen A. about all sorts of things.

One topic the two touched upon was Stephen Curry's season to date and eventually they wandered into whether or not Curry was a top-10 player of all-time. Both sides were arguing adamantly until Russo began to fiddle with his IFB, the device in his ear that allows him to hear what Stephen A. and Molly Querim Rose are saying. Whatever technical problems that were occurring did not faze Mad Dog, who kept yelling until the IFB fell out completely-- and then he still kept going after announcing "IT FELL OUT!"

Kyle Koster and myself got together a few weeks ago to marvel at how these two titans of their professions will share the screen every week. It is performance art and today was no different. Remarkable concentration by Russo.