Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Blows Up on Politicians and Gun Control During 'First Take'

Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo
Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo /

The United States was struck with another tragedy on Tuesday when 19 children and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting spree in Uvalde, Texas. The suspect legally purchased two AR-15s and used one of them to commit this senseless act of violence that leaves America in mourning yet again.

On Wednesday, First Take dedicated a segment to discussion about the shooting instead of whatever sports storyline that was initially on the docket. It's also one of the Wednesdays in which Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is a guest analyst. Russo took advantage of the stage he was given and went on a two-minute rant in which he called out all the politicians who voted against gun control sending their condolences to the families of the deceased today. Like Dan Le Batard earlier this morning, Russo demanded change.

"I live 20 minutes from Sandy Hook. I was there five days later. That is an absolute disgrace that in nine years we have done nothing!... This DOES NOT HAPPEN in Europe! Japan! China! Israel! Name the country. It happens here. The United States of America. Because of you politicians, in this case most of them Republicans, and the President. Go out there and do something! LET'S GO! It can't be that hard!"

Russo has never shied away from utilizing his harsh, adamant debate style to go after the big issues. But he's never done so on ESPN. A powerful segment and one that needs to hit home if we're ever going to change a damn thing.

As he so appropriately put it: America needs to shape up, wake up, and do something.