Chris Mack Trolls John Calipari Over Louisville-Kentucky Rivalry Game

Ryan Phillips
Chris Mack and John Calipari, Kentucky v Louisville
Chris Mack and John Calipari, Kentucky v Louisville / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Chris Mack was in a trolling mood on Tuesday. Louisville's head coach took to Twitter and recorded a two-minute video where he very politely crapped all over Kentucky head coach John Calipari. Louisville and Kentucky are in danger of not playing this year and Mack clearly blames his counterpart for that possibility.

Here's what he had to say:

Two things. First, Mack looks remarkably like Dobby the House Elf. Second, that video was hilarious and positively dripping with sarcasm.

As an Indiana fan who has seen Calipari completely back out of the yearly Indiana-Kentucky rivalry series, it's not shocking to see him do the same with Louisville. He hates playing true road games and wants everything to be done at a neutral site. That ruins the experience for many fans who can only attend if the games are on campus.

Mack says he's willing to accommodate Kentucky despite the Wildcats backing out of a previous date, then replaced Louisville with Notre Dame game on their schedule.

I love a good rivalry and a I love when coaches go at each other like this. Mack seems pretty ticked off by this whole thing and just wants to get his shot at Calipari this year. It's great and will only enhance the rivalry.