Chris Long Accidentally Drinks Dip Spit, Powers Through It


Anyone who has ever played on a baseball team knows that there is nothing more important than clearly defining which cup is for drinking and which is for spitting. A mix-up in this department can be extremely devastating yet happens to the best of the best, no matter how much practice they have multitasking between stimulants. Most people who fall victim to taking a big ol' swig out of a makeshift spittoon have the privilege of not doing it on camera. Chris Long did not have the comfort of privacy when he grabbed the can of death last night and had to ride that thing straight to hell.

That is a right few minutes. If it's someone else's cup, the haunting memory can burrow into a person's soul and remain. It's a classic Forever Unclean situation. Long quickly removed himself from the situation to do whatever a person needs to do when they drink dip spit and we have proof of life this morning. In fact, they just kept on podcasting.

Not all heroes wear caps. But they could all benefit from clearer delineation between cups.