Chris Jericho Unleashed an All-Time Promo on AEW: Dynamite

Ryan Phillips
Chris Jericho The Inner Circle
Chris Jericho The Inner Circle /

Chris Jericho unleashed a phenomenal professional wrestling promo Wednesday night on AEW: Dynamite. It was one of the better promos we've seen in the last few years given what he accomplished in the few minutes he was on the mic.

Check it out below:

So in that short time Jericho named his faction "The Inner Circle," introduced its members and hyped them, paid tribute to legend Eddie Guerrero, dumped on WWE creative (in response to the "We the People" chants), advanced his feud with Cody Rhodes forward and swore on live television. Yeah, that about sums it up.

Jericho has always been one of wrestling's best mic-workers, which is why it was such a brilliant move for AEW to sign him and make him the organization's first big heel. He can hype a fight as well as anyone and can do so while also making himself likable. A sizable chunk of people will be rooting for him to keep AEW's world title for a while.

This was simply a great promo that advanced storylines, gave us a reason to learn about the other members of his faction, took a shot at WWE and made people love Jericho even more.

In the first two episodes of their weekly show, AEW has knocked it out of the park. Jericho has been a huge part of that success.