CNN's Chris Cuomo Has Coronavirus, Will Continue His Show From Basement

Kyle Koster
Chris Cuomo has coronavirus.
Chris Cuomo has coronavirus. / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo revealed he's been diagnosed with coronavirus in an Instagram post Tuesday morning. Cuomo will continue to do his job from his basement, where he is now quarantined. He was last in CNN's New York offices on Friday.

It was only a few hours ago that he was taking some guff on-air from his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for working an hour a day and broadcasting from the aforementioned basement. Things remain super weird whenever CNN allows the two brothers to do an interview but then again, the subtext is always there, even if Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer is asking the the questions.

If Cuomo was still going into work last week, that means he was one of the last cable news personalities doing so. Networks have largely been proactive is setting up work-from-home opportunities as the risks of commuting seem to far outweigh the benefits at this point. One has to think this revelation may finally break the camel's back for those who think it's still worth it.