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Chris Broussard Mercifully Declares Michael Jordan-LeBron James Debate Over

Kyle Koster
Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The sun rose in the East this morning, which could only mean one thing: time to debate the comparative merits of Michael Jordan versus LeBron James. First Things First re-examined the topic yet again now that James sits alone in second place on the NBA's all-time scoring list after passing Karl Malone over the weekend.

Chris Broussard revealed he'd love to get in the exclusive club believing James is the superior player but simply cannot.

"I cannot objectively say LeBron is better than Jordan," Broussard said. "Cumulative stats are not how we judge the GOAT in any sport. We judge greatness more as what was your peak? Jordan did more in 13 healthy seasons than LeBron has done in 17 healthy seasons. It's over."

Finally. Finally some resolution on this. If the debate is over it stands to reason Broussard won't be asked to weigh in on it again. Right? Right?