Chris Broussard Joining 'First Things First'

Kyle Koster
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Fox Sports is adding a voice to First Things First in an effort to jump-start the day. Chris Broussard was announced Monday morning as a new permanent co-host of the show, joining Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes. He fills a role departed by Brandon Marshall, who is parting ways with the company after a year-long run on FTF.

Broussard joined Fox in 2016 after spending the previous 12 years at ESPN. Before that he made his name as an NBA reporter for the New York Times. In addition to making appearances as an analyst across FS1, he hosts a nightly show for Fox Sports Radio.

Though perhaps pigeon-holed as a basketball guy, Broussard has shown an ability to transition to a generalist role, which is especially essential on FTF with football season kicking off. Whereas Marshall was facing an uphill battle discussing basketball, Broussard should be a bit quicker on his feet juggling multiple sports. He's also shown good on-air rapport with the existing cast in previous appearances, meaning all signs point to this being an upgrade for the program, which occupies the most difficult and crowded time slot on television.