Chris Broussard Calls Jay Onrait Blasting Him a 'G-Leaguer Criticizing Damian Lillard'

By Brian Alexander Giuffra

Last week, TSN’s Jay Onrait blasted FS1’s Chris Broussard for his misinformation on Kawhi Leonard by calling him, “the biggest f***ing fraud in the history of sports media.” On Friday’s Pardon My Take, Broussard responded by calling the shot, “somebody in the G League criticizing Damian Lillard.” Broussard added he had to look up who Onrait even was and that the TSN host is upset that FS1 didn’t re-sign him.

*Begins at 38:40:

Of course, the bigger story here, other than the fun media beef, is Broussard calling himself Damian Lillard. Many of you might be thinking right now how NBA news-breakers compare to NBA players. But stop that, because as anyone who listened to the full interview – which is recommended – knows, Broussard has removed himself from that category. He is now an “opinionist,” he said. So, if Stephen A. Smith is LeBron James, is he Lillard? I mean, Lillard has emerged as a top 10 player in the NBA…

As far as the beef goes, Onrait’s shot was personal, but most of the NBA free agency conversation has become meaningless. It’s now made up of mostly on-air talents – if that is what they are called – saying what they are hearing and not actually reporting it. And if they do say the word “report,” but get it wrong, nothing happens. Well, besides more of it. It has become a television show and nothing that resembles actual reporting.