VIDEO: ESPN's Tribute to Chris Berman, Who Has Been There 40 Years

Kyle Koster
Travelers Championship - Final Round
Travelers Championship - Final Round / Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Chris Berman is on the short list for most influential person to ever enter the ESPN orbit. Last year it looked as though he'd largely ride into the sunset, only re-appearing sporadically for cameo hosting duties. But he's back, back, back in a big way, reunited with Tom Jackson for NFL Primetime on ESPN+, a testament to both his staying power and the large shoes he left for the network to fill covering its important sport.

That's a good thing to millions who came of age watching him serve as the face of Bristol. And for those who enjoy needling him for the overwrought nicknames.

Today Berman is celebrating his 40th work anniversary and the public relations arm has put together a nice little tribute.

Wait, Berman was at the Dwight Clark game? This is the first we're hearing of this.

As a jaded cynic, there's nothing I enjoy more than picking apart bad p.r. projects, but this one is truly good. Much better than the emails you get from LinkedIn announcing such benchmarks.