Chris Bassitt: Yankees Were Relaying Signs to Aaron Judge


Toronto Blue Jays starter Chris Bassitt has opened up on the Aaron Judge incident from a few weeks ago. For those who don't remember, the Blue Jays' broadcast caught Judge peeking into the New York Yankees' dugout, then blasting a massive home run. Many suspected he was getting signs relayed from his teammates. Judge had another explanation Bassitt now claims was a lie.

Here's what happened initially:

During an appearance with Chris Rose, Bassitt claimed the Blue Jays were tipping pitches and knew the Yankees were giving Judge signs from the dugout, via the first and third base coaches. Essentially, the Yankees were reading the pitches and letting him know what was coming. The righty said it wasn't technically illegal but fell into a gray area.

Check it out:

Judge claimed he was looking into the dugout because his teammates were talking trash to the Blue Jays and it was annoying him while he hit. He wanted them to stop. Bassitt is calling Judge a liar.

But Bassitt doesn't seem super broken up about the whole situation. Seems like he's understands this is just something that happens in MLB games and Judge just happened to get caught.