Chip Kelly's Rigidity Set a Bad Example for Culture He Craved

Ryan Glasspiegel

No guest this week. At the beginning of the podcast we talked about the dynamics that led to Chip Kelly’s firing, and what will come next for him. Stories addressed during the rest include:

  • The New York columnist who said Ryan Fitzpatrick should be ahead of Tom Brady and Russell Wilson in the MVP race
  • Cam Newton vs. Carson Palmer
  • Miko Grimes tweets
  • Blake Bortles’ fantastic fantasy season
  • The weird Eric Weddle situation in San Diego
  • Aaron Rodgers’ bad body language, and if the Packers’ championship window with him might be closing

Enjoy the new year!

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NY Jets (-3) @ Buffalo

Ryan: Bills

Jason: Bills


Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-10.5)

Ryan: Tampa Bay

Jason: Tampa Bay

New England (-10) @ Miami

Ryan: Dolphins

Jason: Patriots

Baltimore @ Cincinnati (-7.5)

Ryan: Ravens

Jason: Ravens

New Orleans @ Atlanta (-4)

Ryan: Saints

Jason: Saints

Jacksonville @ Houston (-6.5)

Ryan: Jags

Jason: Jags

Pittsburgh (-10) @ Cleveland

Ryan: Browns

Jason: Steelers

Oakland @ Kansas City (-6.5)

Ryan: Raiders

Jason: Chiefs

Tennessee @ Indianapolis (-6)

Ryan: Titans

Jason: Titans

Washington @ Dallas (-3)

Ryan: Washington

Jason: Cowboys

Detroit @ Chicago (-1)

Ryan: Detroit

Jason: Bears

Philadelphia @ NY Giants (-3)

Ryan: Eagles

Jason: Giants

San Diego @ Denver (-9)

Ryan: Chargers

Jason: Chargers

St. Louis (-3.5) @ San Francisco

Ryan: 49ers

Jason: 49ers

Seattle @ Arizona (-6.5)

Ryan: Seahawks

Jason: Seahawks

Minnesota @ Green Bay (-3)

Ryan: Vikings

Jason: Vikings

Top Five

Ryan: Vikings, Washington, Jags, Bills, Seahawks

Jason: Chargers, Steelers, Chiefs, Jaguars, Ravens

Last week: Ryan (7-9, 3-2 Top 5), Jason (11-5, 4-1 Top 5)

Season to date: Ryan (121-111-7, 39-37-4 Top 5), Jason (130-102-7, 45-33-2 Top 5)