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Chimezie Metu Punches Eugene Omoruyi During Summer League Game

Ryan Phillips
Chimezie Metu punches Eugene Omoruyi during Summer League game
Chimezie Metu punches Eugene Omoruyi during Summer League game /

The Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings were just having a nice little NBA Summer League game on Sunday when all hell broke loose. It ended with one player landing a punch on an opponent's head and two ejections.

As Kings forward Chimezie Metu spun in the lane and went up for what would have been a thunderous dunk, Mavericks rookie Eugene Omoruyi hacked the bejesus out of him. Metu did not react well, immediately popping up and landing a right cross to the side of Omoruyi's head. The two were pulled apart before things got worse.

Here's video of the incident:

Omoruyi was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul, and Metu was ejected for throwing a punch. It was more of a forearm to the head than a traditional punch, but the intent was the same.

That was an absolutely ridiculous foul from Omoruyi, he deserved the ejection. But Metu needs to be smarter in his reaction. He can't just throw hands on a basketball court. Especially not in what is essentially a glorified exhibition game.